Changes Coming to Miami-Dade School Board After Wins of 2 DeSantis-Endorsed Candidates


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida. – A major shakeup is coming to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Board following Tuesday’s election.

It was a big win for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as two of the candidates he backed emerged victorious.

They are District 4 winner Roberto Alonso and District 8 winner Monica Colucci.

In a campaign video, Colucci bragged about her 26 years as a teacher, most recently at the Everglades K-8 Center in Westchester.

As with any politician, given his victory, Local 10 News wanted to get his reaction.

At his Southwest Miami-Dade home, Colucci’s husband told Hatzel Vela of Local 10 that she was unavailable.

When the camera got closer, he stopped talking. It seemed that the newly elected official was not ready to speak.

Her husband closed the garage door and entered.

Via text, Colucci campaign manager David Custin chastised Local 10 for going to her house, saying, “We’re not marching to the beat of your drum.”

Colucci defeated outgoing school board member Marta Perez.

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The longtime public servant spoke to Local 10 News about her loss.

“I’m leaving on the highest grade: A-rated school district,” Perez said.

The Republican who calls herself a moderate conservative described the political campaign against her.

“It was hell,” Perez said. “The degree of intimidation, meanness and lies, outright lies.”

She showed Local 10 News some of the flyers, of which she said, “This is all inaccurate and stupid.”

Perez said the experience she had just had reminded her of Cuba.

“This is extremism at its peak,” she said. “If you have a different thought or opinion, you’re ostracized and you better be in tune with what the comandante wants.”

In this case, Perez says the commander is another Republican, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez.

Nunez’s political action committee is behind a website solely dedicated to attacking Perez.

As for the future, Perez thinks his election loss will make other school board members nervous.

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“I think some of the board members will say I better behave myself or I’ll get the same treatment,” she said.

The new members of the school board will be installed on November 22.

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