City law firm makes large donation to side of city council


PLEASANT VALLEY – The law firm that represents Pleasant Valley City Council, Wallace and Wallace, is reprimanded by City Councilor Mary Albrecht after the company recently donated $ 1,000 to the Republican town of Pleasant Valley committee. Paul Ackerman is Wallace and Wallace’s attorney who provides legal advice to city council.

Albrecht was elected to city council as a Republican years ago, but recently the city’s GOP refused to back her candidacy. Albrecht, a registered Republican, is seeking re-election to the Democratic line post in November.

“I don’t think it’s fair for our municipal lawyer to donate one part of the city rather than another when he has to represent the city as a whole,” Albrecht said. The city councilor said she would consider proposing a local law to prevent donations like the city attorney’s.

Ackerman told Mid-Hudson News he did not make the donation. “Personally, I choose not to give money to any candidate for a position in a city that I represent although I know of no prohibition on this subject.” When asked for this specific donation, Ackerman deferred to law firm partner Craig Wallace. “If you are talking about donations from the company where I am employed, I would direct you to Craig Wallace as I have no independent knowledge of donations and who they are or are not made to.”

When reached, Wallace said, “We have made contributions to the party as a whole. We have never made a contribution to an individual candidate who sits on the municipal council that we represent. How the party allocates funds depends on this organization. It could have been awarded to a candidate engaged in a departmental race or a legislative race ”.

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