Director General of CVPDC announces his retirement | Govt. and politics


“Let’s go see the guys who’ve been in this trench before and let them set it up,” he said.

Amherst Town Manager Sara Carter agreed with the logic of letting the executive committee set up the process, and come back later for full council consideration.

Christie, who will be involved in the research, said the executive committee would shape the marketing material and the process, and bring it back to the entire board – whether to weed out nominations or to present them with a shortlist. .

A rough timeline is for the committee to meet to develop marketing materials and a job profile in November, advertise in December or January, conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates in February or March, and have a start date for a new executive director in May.

While it currently appears the board will not be looking to an outside company, Christie said there was money in a reserve that could be spent on this effort, if needed.

Christie came to the New Kent County commission, where he served as a county administrator. He underwent three name changes and said he oversaw several operations that he is proud to remember.

Among them, the creation of the Global Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which brought together the major regional players in economic development, education and local communities to have a “single vision and a list of priorities” of what ‘they want to accomplish.

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