Faith In Nature becomes the first company to make Nature a board member


Last week, Faith in Nature announced its new director: Nature. The Scottish beauty and homecare brand is the first in the world to give nature a legal say in its business strategy by changing its company constitution to give the natural world the same voting rights as to any other company director.

As Faith in Nature explains: “Nature will be represented on the board through a proxy role whereby a human who is legally bound to speak on behalf of the natural world, acts on behalf of nature ( much like a guardian acts on behalf of a child in court.) The presence of this representative of nature will have a fundamental impact on the way we do business and ensure that nature has a voice and a seat at the table. major business decisions.

The brand will provide this custodian with resources to consult with experts on everything from sourcing ingredients to packaging to make more informed decisions that put nature’s needs first. Her first appointed guardian is Brontie Ansell, director of Lawyers for Nature, one of the legal teams that helped Faith in Nature create this model, along with the Earth Law Center.

Believing that other companies must also put their sustainability words into practice, Faith in Nature has documented the entire legal process it has gone through and will freely share this advice with anyone interested in putting nature on the table.


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