Gay Va Advisory Board Member Casey Flores. LGBTQ+, quit


A controversial appointee to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s LGBTQ+ advisory board is missing the job before he even started. The Republican appointed to the post leaves the state altogether.

His departure comes weeks after his appointment to the post drew criticism over his aggressive behavior online.

Casey Flores, the president of the Virginia Log Cabin Republicans, was scheduled to begin his appointment to the board on July 1. Members of the advisory council advise the governor on issues related to LGBTQ+ Virginians and policy. Flores was sworn in for the post at the end of June.

“I was told he was forced to resign,” said a member of the Virginia LGBTQ+ advisory board the lawyer on condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters, “which is great because [the board] agreed that his presence would have a negative impact and not allow for productive work on the part of the board, as there would have been a lot of attention on what he would say.

However, Flores disputed the claim and said the lawyer the resignation was not forced.

“I’m moving to Florida, so I don’t really think I could be on the Virginia LGBTQ advisory board,” Flores said in a phone interview. Friday morning.

According to Flores, 31, he left of his own free will two weeks ago, and his departure had nothing to do with his behavior online.

“I wouldn’t have quit for any reason other than the move,” he says.

“Casey Flores has retired and resigned from the board as he accepts a professional opportunity outside the Commonwealth,” a spokesperson for Youngkin said. the lawyer in a report.

Flores came under fire and the media reported his presence on social networks several weeks ago. Critics said many of Flores’ tweets were derogatory, misogynistic, inappropriate or bigoted. In a tweet, he accused Vice President Kamala Harris of “sucking[ing] the right dick” to reach his position.

At the time, Flores would have agreed to tone down his tweets.

He says he stands by everything he posted online, including the tweet about Vice President Harris. “Why do people get so mad when you tell the truth? ” he asks. “Is it hurtful to criticize a public figure?

According to Flores, he plans to move out by Tuesday or “very soon” after. He spoke to the lawyer while packing up his house.

“The gay left is the meanest people online, and so when it comes from the gay right, all of a sudden it’s a problem,” he says. Initially hesitant to go into more detail, Flores adds: “I am withdrawing from Virginia. I’m moving to be with David Leatherwood, who I love, and I’m very excited.

Earlier this year, Leatherwood, a Florida political operative, praises Christina PushawFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, for launch the hateful and false attack against LGBTQ+ people as “groomers”.

Talk to the lawyer On a personal note, board member Stephanie Merlo says she didn’t believe Flores was being sincere in apologizing after her tweets were criticized in the media, but “I wish her the best in her new adventures”.

Youngkin will benefit from Flores’ departure, Virginia Pride manager James Millner said. In the past, Millner has criticized Younkin for not sincerely embracing the LGBTQ+ community. Despite this, he says he understands the Republican governor cannot be considered “caving in to the left” or “cancel culture” from a political standpoint.

“Even if Governor Younkin doesn’t want to say it publicly or can’t say it publicly, I understand that, but if Casey Flores was asked to step down, then I want to say thank you to the governor,” Millner said.

In response to a question about why he aligns himself with the political right, Flores explained that he praises the left for advancing LGBTQ+ equality, but the community has a victim complex.

“We made it in America – gay people did it,” says Flores. “It’s the greatest country in the world to be gay in. But maybe there are things here and there that need to be ironed out.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the gay left for fighting so hard for marriage, adoption rights and not being able to be fired for being gay,” he says. “I really want them to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but a lot of people on the gay left act like they’re oppressed, and they do it from the nicest condos in the nicest neighborhoods in the nicest cities, and they say “it’s still a terrible place to live”. That’s what bothers me.”

State Deputy Paul Krizek celebrated the news of Flores’ departure.

“The fact that this gubernatorial appointment to the LGBTQ+ Advisory Council did not last very long is a good thing and reinforces the reality that here in Virginia, civility and common decency still rules and that bad behaviors, especially online, are not rewarded. nor ignored,” says Krizek the lawyer.

He adds, “I don’t know exactly how this resignation of Mr. Flores happened, but if the governor has anything to do with it, I appreciate it.”

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