Judge accused of sexually harassing law student resigns


Last week, Michigan Judge Joseph J. Farah presented his resignationstarting November 9. This followed accusations that Farah had sexually harassed a former trainee, Grace Ketzner.

Ketzner articled for the judge while a law student at Michigan State Law. Farah allegedly made inappropriate comments to Ketzner, including that he “couldn’t control himself in a dark room” if he was alone with her.

Deadline Detroit reports the behavior was continuous:

In a debrief last November to MSU’s Office of Institutional Equity, Ketzner said Farah made sexual comments from May to September 2021 about former interns, repeatedly texted travel invitations to him, asked to visit him privately, read to her a “very sexually suggestive” sentence he had written. , made several comments about buying her drinks, then ignored her at work and complained about her performance in retaliation for the snubs, Radio Michigan reports.

After leaving the internship early, Ketzner told a hearing officer seven weeks ago, the judge continued to contact her and offered her tickets to an MSU-Michigan football game last October.

Farah was also an adjunct law professor at MSU. Ketzner filed a Title IX lawsuit against the judge and the Michigan State Resolution Office found Farah violated the school’s guidelines against sexual harassment and the academic guidelines on gender-based harassment. Farah has since left her post at MSU.

Ketzner also reported the behavior to the State Judiciary Commission.

Ketzner’s voice about her experience on social media, where she thanked other women who came forward:

Ketzner’s social post indicates that she is not the only person to speak out about the judge’s alleged misconduct. “I especially want to thank the other women who agreed to come forward after I called to ask if they had experienced something similar,” she wrote. “Without their bravery, I know the JTC [judicial tenure commission] result and Farah’s resignation would not have been possible.

And she was quite candid in her assessment:

“Fuck Joseph Farah for his decades of abuse of power. I, along with many other women, will sleep well tonight knowing that no other women will be harassed in their apartments.

Read Farah’s resignation letter below.

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