Law Firm Says Kansas School District COVID Policies Violate Laws


GARDNER, Kan. – Local law firm says Gardner-Edgerton School District’s COVID-19 policies violate the law. He recently sent a cease and desist letter to the district regarding his policies.

In essence, these lawyers believe the district’s COVID-19 policy discriminates against children who are not vaccinated or who do not wear masks. They also said school officials were inconsistent with their policy based on masks or vaccination status.

Emma Jones is a parent in the district and is all for the COVID-19 mask and policies that the Gardner-Edgerton School District has put in place.

“Our preschooler actually has two different special needs,” Jones said. “He does speech therapy which can be difficult with the mask on and he also has a heart defect.”

She is aware that the policies have caused divisions among parents.

“It’s hard to hear from parents that they are not interested in protecting every child, especially when you have a child that you work so hard to stay healthy,” she said.

Earlier this month, the Kriegshauser Ney legal group filed a cease and desist agreement with the Gardner-Edgerton School District regarding its COVID-19 policies, specifically the use of the word quarantine.

Josh Ney, of the law firm, said that “748 school officials and county offices relied on close contact letters containing language suggesting quarantines were necessary but almost suggested.”

The legal group also said it believed 359 students were being targeted because of their masks and immunization status.

The law firm said it contacted the district. However, they go even further in their cease-and-desist order.

“We have entered a new phase of this correspondence, which not only raises the issues, but we have now opened an investigation into Kora – it is an open investigation into how these policies came to be and the correspondence. that exists between the school and the county, ”says Ney.

Parents in district politics said they believed they were only following orders from the Johnson County Health Department.

“To hear that they are exploiting this against the board of education is a little disheartening because I don’t know what basis it can be based on,” Jones said.

The law firm said it was not here to get rid of health mandates, but rather wanted to see them properly enforced.

FOX4 has contacted the Gardner-Edgerton School District again about the cease and desist letter and its policy, but the district has not responded at this time.

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