Northampton Town FC to invite supporter to board


Northampton Town Football Club opens a seat on its board of directors for a Cobblers supporter.

The fan representative will be democratically elected and act as an intermediary to help the club better understand the supporters.

The supporter does not need to be a season ticket holder, but must represent his fellow supporters, attend regular board meetings and contribute to the running of the club.

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President Kelvin Thomas said: “We are going to open a post for a fan representative to be elected and we think this is very exciting for the club.

“We believe there will be changes to come in terms of independent regulation, hopefully financial distribution and other very important aspects of football and having a fan representative on the board with us as we let’s address some of these questions will be very helpful.

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“We have no preconceptions of how it will work formally, but we look forward to working closely with the successful candidate to structure the position and role, so that they are engaged in the management of the club. but can also provide valuable feedback to fans.

“As a club, in no way will we dictate who this person is or what type of fan they are, which is why we’re not saying they have to be a subscription holder, member or anything like that. We also don’t expect them to change in the way they support the club now, like where they sit on a game day or anything like that.

“All we ask is that the successful candidate be available for regular board meetings and possibly other discussions on an ad hoc basis, as well as feedback to the fan base.” .

“Anyone who meets the qualifying criteria is welcome and supporters will decide who they want to represent them through a formal vote.

“We believe that having a democratically elected fan is a big step forward and we look forward to welcoming the successful candidate to the board.”

Anyone who wishes to be a candidate must be nominated and seconded by two current Northampton Town season ticket holders and each candidate is invited to submit a maximum of 250 words, which will be published publicly, to explain why they think they would be. the ideal candidate. for the role.

After the two-week nomination period, which is open now and ends on October 5, 2021, supporters will be able to vote through an online form that will be emailed to the club’s database or during the home game of Mansfield Town October 16.

Each supporter will only be able to vote once and the club will perform checks to ensure that votes are coming from Northampton Town fans.

The candidate with the most votes will be elected to the club’s board of directors to represent other supporters and attend regular board meetings.

To apply, go to the NTFC website and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

All applicants will also take the EFL Owners and Directors test.

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