Open Heart Kitchen appoints John Bost as Executive Director


LIVERMORE, CA – Open Heart Kitchen, the largest non-profit hunger service organization in the Tri-Valley, has named John Bost as its new Executive Director.

Bost, who is currently senior pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Livermore and has been chairman of the Livermore Homeless Refuge Advisory Board since 2013, will take over on January 1. He will replace current executive director Heather Greaux, who will serve as open-hearted CFO.

“My decision to move into a supporting role was contingent on finding a suitable replacement,” Greaux said in a statement. “John’s fundraising experience, business acumen and community connections will be invaluable to the next phase of this project and the continuation of our mission.”

Bost has over 20 years of experience leading nonprofit and faith-based organizations. He has served as pastor and chief of staff at Holy Cross since 2007, and also served as executive director and chairman of the board of the Timoun Haitian Foundation from 2008 to 2010.

At the Livermore Homeless Refuge, Bost increased the organization’s funding by 500% and assisted in the planning of the Vineyard 2.0 overnight shelter, according to a press release from Open Heart. Bost will help Open Heart achieve its goal of launching Vineyard 2.0 in the summer of 2023.

The Vineyard project aims to build supportive housing at 450 N. Livermore Avenue. In addition to offering accommodation, it will offer:

  • Temporary night shelter
  • Shower, laundry, storage and mailbox services
  • 3,100 square foot dining room that can serve 100 guests at a time
  • Permanent dining room
  • A commercial kitchen to develop meal production
  • Community room to accommodate social workers and health information officers

See here for more information on the project.

“The Board of Directors was looking for a results-oriented leader to guide us through some big changes ahead while building on our recent successes and continuing to deliver on our core mandate,” the Chairman of the Board said. Open Heart Kitchen administration Michael Haase in a statement. “We are confident in John’s ability to rise to the challenge and ensure our community has equitable access to nutritious food today, while building food security tomorrow.

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