Win This Fight appoints board director and president for Asia to step up fight against human trafficking globally


Peter Golovsky, Director of the Board of Directors and President for Asia, will lead the international strategy and deployment of Win This Fight

NEW YORK, September 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Win this fight, an end-to-end approach to help eliminate human trafficking, rooted in financial technology (fintech) innovation and the reintegration of victims, today announced that Pierre Golovski was appointed to the Board of Directors and President of Asia to assist in the strategic development of Win This Fight and contribute to the execution of the organization’s global strategy.

Peter will work through Asia and the Middle East, in charge of international development and deployment of the global strategy of Win This Fight, with a focus on the creation of a Pan-Asian advisory board with representation from priority markets, including Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines, India and the United Arab Emirates. Other priorities include ‘leadership of key strategic partnerships for Win This Fight focused on raising funds from leading financial institutions, family offices and foundations and leveraging support from government and local industry on key markets across Asia, has explained Mitzi Lost, founder and president of Win This Fight.

“Peter’s appointment boosts Win This Fight’s mission around the world, especially through his strategic influence, his financial and philanthropic acumen, his experience in regional governance and as an advisor to many of the greatest families and Asian family offices, ”said Jaspreet Randhawa, CEO of Win This Fight. “Peter is incredibly well connected among the most powerful families in Asia, the Middle East and Australia, and we can’t wait to see how they can join us, to win this fight and disrupt the flow of money. , address the root causes of human trafficking and provide trafficking survivors with an income and a new purpose in life. “

With over 25 years of experience as a senior global financial services executive and advisor to many large Asian families and family offices, Peter has helped establish strategic programs with a particular focus on philanthropy, charitable giving and the creation of a family inheritance. A well-connected individual, his strategic appointment indicates that Win This Fight seeks to recruit the support of important and influential regional families, family offices and organizations to tackle human trafficking issues and create a lasting legacy with a purpose. and an impact.

“Being able to step in and stop the flow of money from traffickers is a global issue that must be tackled collectively – our approach is to disrupt the traffickers’ profit motive and with the support of the right people we can win this fight “, said Pierre Golovski, President of Asia, win this fight. “This opportunity represents a key moment for families and family offices to reflect on their philanthropic goals and seek opportunities to create a lasting legacy, not only for their families but for victims of human trafficking and regions and communities. in which they live. “

Peter obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of New South Wales, Australia and an MComm in Accounting and Business Management from Macquarie University, Australia, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants – Australia.

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About Winning This Fight:
Win This Fight is a non-profit organization created to help combat and eradicate human trafficking. Human trafficking is a global, complex and heartbreaking problem. According to the US Department of Defense, human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It is also considered to be the most profitable crime in the world. The Global Slavery Index estimates that there are over 40 million people enslaved in the world, and that slavery is present, in one form or another, in 167 countries.

We are responding to this challenge by adopting a preventive approach. The use of technology and identification of the source / flow of money have been two key ways law enforcement has systematically relied on in tracking down criminals. Win This Fight takes the same approach globally by:

  • Leverage technology to train and employ survivors, preventing them from returning to their traffickers.

  • Launch of a global anti-money laundering due diligence solution


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