Zuniga Accepts Executive Director Position at Sunflower Diversified


Since Shelby Zuniga realized that her professional and personal life fit together well, she accepted the position of General Manager of Sunflower Diversified Services.

Zuniga, a native of Great Bend, had served as interim executive director for the past few months, while maintaining her role as chief financial officer.

Sunflower serves children and adults with developmental disabilities and delays in central Kansas.

“After nearly three years under my belt at Sunflower, and now that our twins are almost 2 years old, I know I can handle the tremendous responsibilities of this position,” Zuniga said. “Jon Prescott (former Executive Director) and I worked hand in hand on just about everything which made the transition painless.

“Additionally, Sunflower has an incredible group of next generation leaders at the helm. All credit for our success goes to them and the people we support. I am fortunate to be part of this team effort. and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Recent and ongoing successful projects include:

• Extensive remodeling of the Community Empowerment Services facility at the manufacturing plant;

• Early Education Center playground improvements, which recently received a $10,000 boost from 100+ People Who Care;

• A grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for a newly delivered forklift; and

• Using the land behind the Sunflower Recycling Center for city-wide cleanup, in partnership with the City of Great Bend.

“These and other projects allow us to serve people and support our community every day,” Zuniga commented. “The support of Sunflower’s staff enables individuals to live the best possible life as they learn skills, improve their quality of life and achieve new levels of independence.”

Zuniga and her husband, Juan, are the parents of twin girls, Isabella and Sophia.

Scott Donovan, Member of Sunflower’s Search Committee, said, “Shelby has become the kind of young leader needed to continue Sunflower’s positive growth. She has local roots and learned to love her job of serving people with disabilities.

“Shelby also has incredible business acumen. We’re ready to see her continue to lead and grow.

Sunflower serves infants, toddlers and adults in Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Rush and Stafford counties. He is in his 57th year.


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